Join Us On This Journey Splendid Solutions has established a total food, beverage and packaging solution for 'People on the Move'. We can make anything possible!

Splendid Solutions’ driven approach aims to improve the quality and consistency of what is offered to today’s traveler. We offer a wide range of services, from appealing, custom made products to end to end warehouse and logistics solutions.

We have established the solution for ‘People on the Move’, which includes product development, design, manufacturing, sourcing, packaging and delivery to the end user. Our employees are passionate with a keen awareness of current culinary high street trends and will work with you to understand better what your customer wants. With our proactive approach of new trends in combination with your needs we can make anything possible.

So, whether you need a salad in a box, hot snack, full meal service or a bespoke door to door service solution, you can depend on Splendid Solutions for an efficient, cost-conscious and partner-focused collaboration.

If you are looking for a total solution you have found the right partner!

we work

Splendid Solutions works closely with their customers to meet their individual needs. With our in-house design studio, our own packaging production facility and a global supplier portfolio we have the ability to innovate, create, source and manufacture most of our customer’s products under the Splendid Solutions ‘roof’. Of course, quality and industry standards are important in this process so with our own and 3rd party quality control checks we guarantee the highest standards. With our warehouse & logistics network we are able to deliver your products to every required delivery point in the world.

Our Services
food &

Our tailor-made food & beverage solutions combine packaging, innovative food, brand partnerships and menu options. You will have access to a worldwide team of experts with impressive culinary development, procurement and retail skills.

With our in-house design studio, our own packaging factory, supply network and culinary development skills we provide speed to market and create better value for time, cost and quality. All our products are developed in a way to minimize handling for crew and caterers, maximize loading onboard and being cost conscious. Last but not least, we can guarantee a consistent product throughout the network.

marketing &

Through our global network with major brands we are able to connect you to the right partners, giving your products the extra touch to amaze your customers. We are the bridge between the brand partner and the consumer which will bring your service to the next level. From promotional products to complete marketing & brand activation campaigns; we can make it happen!


We bring extensive know-how to the arena of packaging to ensure your product cannot only be delivered correctly to the end client but to also ensure it can be handled efficiently during the sometimes very complex supply chain. With our in-house packaging factory & design studio we create speed to market but more importantly operate very cost effective. Our main focus is biodegradable materials!

warehouse &

We will bring our very capable logistics and warehousing know-how to the relationship. We have a very cost-effective network operating globally where we manage your inventory and can reach any distribution point with nominated products.


Our factories strive to achieve 100% consistent quality through an intricate network of quality control and assurance procedures.

We have a manager onsite at our factories and productions units whose responsibilities include ensuring Quality & Safety.

All our factories and production units have accredited processes and plans in place. Standard operating procedures are documented and our staff is highly trained.

Checks and processes are available for inspection at the units. We have our own, fully equipped, in-house testing lab and additionally we work with certified 3rd party laboratories that test our products in case external testing is required.

and Social

We recognize that the way in which we operate has an impact on the environment and are committed to integrating sustainability best practices into our decision making and business activities worldwide. We invest in new production techniques and materials to offer clients a better sustainable alternative to what is currently available in the marketplace. Our strategy is comprised of the following 3 pillars.


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Hong Kong Head Office

Suite 1001, 10th floor, Connaught Commercial Building, 185 Wanchai road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2555 6573

Hong Kong Office

Suite 2402-03, 24th floor, Connaught Commercial Building, 185 Wanchai road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2555 6573

Amsterdam office

Herengracht 450, 1017 CA, Amsterdam

Tel: +31 6 46 75 50 47

Toronto Office

2425 Matheson Boulevard East, Suite 800, Mississauga Ontario, L4W 5K4, Canada

Tel: +14162620672

Shanghai Office

Pilot Free Trade Zone, Room 1331, 13th Floor, 55 Xili Road, Shanghai, China

Tel: +852 2555 6573

Sydney office

(Opening Q1 2019)

Tel: Coming Soon

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Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have offices in China, Canada and The Netherlands. We are active in more than 20 countries around the world.
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Splendid Group created a one-stop solution for their customers that includes design, concept development, manufacturing, integrated sourcing, strategy, marketing, campaigns and total digital solutions. So, whether you need bespoke products or a successful marketing campaign, you can depend on Splendid Group for an efficient, cost-conscious and partner-focused collaboration. Our group of companies is composed of 6 different brands that are operating globally.